Origin of Street Names

1858 Map of Peterboro

A great deal of the work which is done now by the town as a matter of course, was then done by individuals or public-spirited groups.

For example, most of the village streets did not have authorized names. For obvious reasons Main, Concord and Grove Streets were known as Main, Church and Academy Streets. It is less obvious why Pine Street, containing the imposing homes of Dr. Follansbee, James Scott, and the substantial houses at Carter's Corner should have been known as Cottage Street... 

In June 1857 a group of citizens met together voluntarily for the purpose of determining names of the streets. This wasn't arranged by the town but simply by a group of pubic-spirited citizens who had long been inconvenienced by the lack of names. It is recorded, however, that the meeting broke up because each citizen wanted the street that he was living on to be named Pleasant Street. 

Another meeting was held the following week in which the residents from all parts of the village participated and that group evolved the names of Main, Pine, Grove, Summer, Union, High, Vine, Elm, Winter and School Streets. 

Depot Street did not exist, Granite Street did not exist, neither Laurel nor Prospect Streets existed. Phoenix Avenue was chosen for the road running into the Phoenix Factory where the post office is now. 

There was still some agitation to have Concord Street named Pleasant Street, but a week later it was announced that the committee had gotten together and had agreed on naming it Concord Street. Thus the names of our village streets were determined by a group of citizens and not by any corporate action of the town.

SOURCE: History of Peterborough, New Hampshire (1954), Vol I, pages 126-127.