History of Twenty Grove Street

20 Grove Street

Historic or Common Name: American Guernsey Cattle Club Building

Construction: 1917-1918

Description: Neo-Federal Revival, brick 2- & 3- story, U-shaped footprint, hip roof, Flemish bond

Notes: Architect B.F. Russell. Replaced earlier building moved to 51 Grove, AGCC until 1951. Monadnock Ledger. 1970s NH Ball Bearing. Now offices. DOE 1992 individually eligible

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SOURCE: Driemeyer, Laura; Laprey, Kari; Monroe, Lynn; and Hill, Teresa. New Hampshire Division of Historical Resources, Area Form, Peterborough Downtown Historic District, June 2010, page 100

20 Grove Street

20 Grove Street was constructed for The American Guernsey Cattle Club, which later built 39 Main Street. Local people have referred to it as the 'Cow Palace' because of the cow's heads appearing in the two medallions placed on either side of the broken pediment over the front entrance.

SOURCE: A Walking Tour of PETERBOROUGH New Hampshire