History of Twenty-Four Concord Street

24 (26?) Concord Street

Historic or Common Name: Christian Science Reading Room 

Construction: ca. 1830/1920s

Description: 2 ½ - story brick end house, Transitional Federal/Greek Revival w/some 1920s? Colonial Revival remodeling, (entry porch), 1-story frame wing, additional rear massing, slate roof 

Notes: Abiel Abbot, 1858 S Edes. Gray, Unitarian Parsonage (1883-1921), Hazel and A. Erland Goyette, Christian Science Reading Room since 1954

SOURCE: Driemeyer, Laura; Laprey, Kari; Monroe, Lynn; and Hill, Teresa. New Hampshire Division of Historical Resources, Area Form, Peterborough Downtown Historic District, June 2010, page 106

24 Concord Street

Christian Science Reading Room (previously located in the Granite Block from 1951-1954).
Before 1954
Home of Hazel N and A Erland Goyette, founders of the Goyette Museum of Americana on Elm Street.

SOURCE: Our Changing Town: Peterborough 1939-1989, page 404, 417.

Late Georgian-early Greek Revival architectural styles predominate in this house built circa 1830-40. It has been remodeled many times in its life time as a private residence, parsonage, and now church and reading room.

SOURCE: A Walking Tour of PETERBOROUGH New Hampshire

According to reference librarian, Brian Hackert, this was once the home of the Peterborough Town Library's founder, Abiel Abbot, D.D.

In 1883 the [Unitarian] parsonage, known as the Abiel Abbott or Gray place at 26 Concord Street, was purchased. In 1921 this was disposed of and the present parsonage on Pine Street took its place. 

SOURCE: History of Peterborough, New Hampshire (1954), Vol. I, page 169.