History of Postage Stamp Park

29 Grove Street

Historic or Common Name: Nubanusit Terrace Park

Construction: 1958

Description: small park between P.O. and north bank of Nubanusit Brook

Notes: Site of carriage painting shop, burned 1941, park since 1958

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SOURCE: Driemeyer, Laura; Laprey, Kari; Monroe, Lynn; and Hill, Teresa. New Hampshire Division of Historical Resources, Area Form, Peterborough Downtown Historic District, June 2010, page 101

29 Grove Street

Postage Stamp Park  was donated to the Town by a group of citizens after a fire in 1941 burned the retail buildings on the site. These two parks flanking the river insure that the beautiful view of the river with its mill dams and water falls will be preserved. 

SOURCE: A Walking Tour of PETERBOROUGH New Hampshire