History of Nineteen Concord Street

19 Concord Street

Historic or Common Name: [None]

Construction: ca. 1840

Description: 1 ½-story duplex, rear ells, center chimney main block, replacement sidong & windows; Historica photos show 2 entries originally; N[on] C[ontributing] 2-bay, side gable garage, concrete foundation (replaced stable/garage after 1951)

Notes: 1858 Mrs. Scott; 1892 Mrs. Noglie; Murphy & Delany, C.W. Carll, Ellsworth 1930s-50s (Martins 1988)

Contributing/Non Contributing: C[ontributing]

SOURCE: Driemeyer, Laura; Laprey, Kari; Monroe, Lynn; and Hill, Teresa. New Hampshire Division of Historical Resources, Area Form, Peterborough Downtown Historic District, June 2010, page 105