History of Fourteen Grove Street

14 Grove Street

Historic or Common Name: Savings Bank Building

Construction: 1871/1925

Description: 3-story brick commercial block, Second Empire. Originally 2 storefronts 1st story, offices 2nd story, Masonic Hall 3rd story. Colonial Revival storefronts ca. 1925.

Notes: Preliminary design by Earle & Fuller of Worcester. Peterborough Savings Bank. Post Office in 1st story north half 1886-1937. Storefront remodeled 1925 by Hutchins and French. Attached to 20 Grove with stair/elevator 1987

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SOURCE: Driemeyer, Laura; Laprey, Kari; Monroe, Lynn; and Hill, Teresa. New Hampshire Division of Historical Resources, Area Form, Peterborough Downtown Historic District, June 2010, page 99

14 Grove Street is one of the town's few examples of Second Empire architecture. It was designed in 1871 by the Worcester, MA firm of Earle and Fuller and was the last building in town to use locally made bricks from the Hadley brick works. These are the mellow, red bricks visible on the upper facade. Water from the tail race of the Phoenix Mill ran right beside the building and had rendered the soil here so marshy that the builders had to sink heavy wooden piles deep into the ground in order to secure the foundations.

SOURCE: A Walking Tour of PETERBOROUGH New Hampshire

First Floor

[Peterborough Savings Bank] PSB on south side
PSB on whole first floor
Dexter's Optometrists
Kenneth A Brighton, Richard R Fernald, Robert Taft, Bernard J Hampsey, John R "Rod" Falby, Jr, Silas Little III, Kenneth C "Brad" Brighton, and Mark D Fernald
     1966  Law firm buys building
     1978  Joined 14 Grove St with building next door, 20 Grove St

Second Floor

Martin J Keenan Agency
Dr C Temple Lawrence, dentist

SOURCE: Our Changing Town: Peterborough 1939-1989, Vol II, page 407

After the appointment of H.A. Pettengill [as postmaster] on December 17, 1885, by President Cleveland, [the post office] was moved on April 3, 1886 to its new rooms in the Savings Bank Building ... [remaining] until the present building was opened August 9, 1937.

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