About School Street

School Street is Peterborough's connection to:
- local restaurants and gourmet cafes (3, 6, 10, 11)
- music and entertainment (3, 6)
- one of our local salons (7)
- fine clothing and accessories (10)


School Street really hasn't changed all that much in the last fifty years or so.  The apartment house to the left of the movie theatre is now a parking lot, but the theatre itself survives and shares the building with R.A. Gatto's [now Marzano's] Restaurant. 

Charles Nichols and his son opened the theatre, originally "The Gem," in 1914 and it seated 500 with a 5-cent admission. The Gem burned in 1945 and was rebuilt as a 700-seat theater as the "Community Theatre."  Today it is 100 seats and still popular. 

Michael Boccelli's shoe repair shop lasted until Mike died in 1949. It was run briefly by Mario "Marty" Dedo and others until 1957 when it became a gift shop owned by Mike's daughter. It is now Joseph's Coat [Alice Blue, 2014].

SOURCE: Peterborough Transcript, Thursday, May 20, 2004, page 20.